Looking Back…

Housy '99 - 008-1
Catching the puck (glove hand) – click for larger image


Some time ago, I went to as many of my son’s high school hockey games as I could, always bringing my first SLR camera, a Pentax Spotmatic with a 135mm f/2.8 lens. I shot Kodak Kodacolor back then, an ISO 100 film. Think about that for a minute, ISO 100.

At the time, the early DSLRs were available and way to expensive for me to own, so I set the focus on infinity, opened up the aperture to f/2.8, pushed the shutter as fast as I dared using the match meter to guess exposure and paid attention to what was happening on the ice. Those were cold rinks, but it didn’t matter much to me as I cocked the shutter wearing fingerless gloves, eye pressed to the viewfinder when I sensed something special was about to happen. I seem to recall that I used a 36 exposure roll for each game. Think about that for a moment – 36 exposures.

The result was 200 images over three seasons that eventually were scanned into DNG files and post processed using Lightroom. This photograph, from 2000, remains my favorite because of the crowd in the background and the fact that Greg was about to strip #7 of the puck and wrap around the net to score.


2000 01 12 Housy_018-1
Before the moment – click for larger image


Today’s good photographs are tomorrow’s great photographs.