Photograph of Rhode Island Photographer and Photographers' Connection instructor Bob Kidd

Bob Kidd

Photograph of Rhode Island Photographer Bob Kidd
Bob Kidd

Bob picked up his first SLR camera when he was 18 and never put it down. He is as excited about photography today as he was then. Bob is a founding instructor in Photographers’ Connection and available for private photography lessons.

His photographic interests center around subjects that are noisy, fast moving, beautiful or all of these at the same time.  His greatest enjoyment comes from preserving important family moments for future generations, but he is also at home leaning out of a helicopter photographing airborne soldiers.

He is passionate about wedding photography and photographs every wedding as if it were his daughter’s (he has two daughters). He writes Sunday Street, a weekly publication that celebrates the love of the photograph and explores photographic vision. You can learn more about Bob, and see his work on his website bob kidd photography.

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