Learning Lightroom

Scott Kelby’s sample images are included in Lightroom class

Simple photo editing applications can be learned quickly, but they do not offer the features that continue to support your photographic growth. Like many photographers, I have used Picasa, Photoshop Elements, Nikon View and NX2, Apple’s iPhoto (now called simply Photos) and Aperture before discovering Lightroom. I enjoy helping other photographers learn how to use Lightroom because there is very little that it won’t do and it continues to be updated by Adobe.

Top 5 Reasons to Learn Lightroom

  1.  Designed for photographers that need both a powerful Library tool to keep track of extensive photo files as well as a powerful Develop workflow that is easy to learn.
  2. Customizable navigation and workflow tools designed to help you quickly sort out your photos for editing
  3.  Powerful global and selective editing tools fine tune your image the way you want it to look and feel.
  4. Works with Photoshop, plugins (Google/NIK, Topaz) and Lightroom Mobile (automatically add your smartphone photos to your Lightroom Library)
  5. Affordable ($10/month, including Photoshop) delivers immediate access to new features and new camera support (for less than the cost of a new lens, you can use Lightroom for the next 5 years.)

More capable software requires more learning time and the best way to learn is in a hands-on class taught by a photographer who has made it part of their workflow. In two morning classes,  the unfamiliar will become familiar and you will be importing and editing you photos using Lightroom.

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There are a few seats left for the May Lightroomn class – limited to 6 photographers with a passion for learning. This class is designed to get you off on the right start and includes a one hour private lesson in addition to the two class sessions.

If you would like more information about this class, private lessons or distance learning, let me know (email – bob@bobkiddphoto.com).

I look forward to being your guide on this exciting journey.