Computer Running Slowly?



Is your computer running slowly? There might be a few simple things you can do…

A fellow photographer showed me how slowly her Macbook Pro was running yesterday. A quick look revealed that the processor was plenty capable, but there was only 4 gigabytes (GB) of random access memory (RAM). While 4GB of RAM was once considered plenty, newer 64 bit operating systems (OS) want more. Yes, technology is an ever ascending escalator – 8 or even 16GB of RAM works great with 64bit OS. This is fix #1 that does not require purchasing a new computer.

Next we looked at her 500GB hard drive. WOW, it was full! She is a busy photographer and her drive was jammed packed with a ton of photos.

As a drive becomes full, data must be stored in multiple locations instead of all together. This makes both reading data (think loading your photograph file for editing) or writing data (think saving those wonderful edits you just made to the drive) a slower process because the data is stored here and here and here and, well you get the idea. An easy and inexpensive solution is to add a large external drive and move lesser used (generally older files) to the external drive.

External hard drives read and write data slower than internal drives because the data travels across a USB port. A faster solution is to replace the 500GB drive that you thought you would never fill up with a larger drive like a 1 terabyte (TB) drive. 1TB = 1,000GB. Another inexpensive solution, compared to buying a new computer.

If you use Lightroom and move your files to an external drive, remember to move the files from within Lightroom and your catalog will stay updated. Move them outside of Lightroom and you will get a bunch of these “?”. In which case you can contact me and I will help you fix this.