Attendees of a photography workshop with the Photographers Connection pose for a photo during the New York Trip

Photography Workshops

Welcome to the Photographers’ Connection

We are an association of professional photographers from Rhode Island that are dedicated to helping others become better photographers.

Do you want to become a better photographer? If you said “Yes!”, than this is the place for you! Grab a seat, a cup of coffee and kick off your shoes. Our photography workshops can help you be a better photographer!

The Photographers’ Connection is Rhode Islands premiere source for photography workshops. Our instructors are experts in several forms of photography, including:

  • Landscape/seascape photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Street photography
  • Photojournalism/documentary photography
  • Macro/close-up photography
  • Sports/action photography
  • Post processing using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Why choose our photography workshops?

The programs offered through the Photographers’ Connection are designed by photographers for photographers. Our instructors have an equal passion for teaching and photography. They make it easy for you to learn critical photographic skills by practicing them during the workshop. Our hands-on approach helps you get the results you are after.
All of our classes are small, offer multiple instructors and offer post workshop image reviews. This makes The Photographers’ Connection Rhode Island’s premier source for photographic workshops.
Each photography workshop has been custom designed to help you be a better photographer. From mastering your camera’s controls to learning about filters and lighting, our experts can help you no matter what your personal interests are.

Want to learn about lighting? Not only will we show you how to do it, you will do it! Grab a softbox, mount it on a monolight and get it on a lightstand. Adjust the height, angle and power to create the light that YOU envision! We are firm believers that the way to learn is to do! We provide the gear and the knowledge, you provide the desire to learn and an open mind!

Our Photography Philosophy

Gear is good. In fact, gear is great! However, a camera is simply a tool to create a photograph. Out photography workshops spend a significant amount of time discussing the art of photography. At the Photographers’ Connection we are going to ask one important question over and over again – “Why?”. What drew you to want to press the shutter? What caught your eye? Understanding the “why” is the first step in exploring storytelling. And telling your story is what photography is all about.

Your vision is the single most important part of your photography. Our workshops aim to help you identify and understand your vision. Only then can we teach you the technical skills you will need to turn that vision into a photograph!

After the Workshop

After completing your workshop your relationship with the Photographers’ Connection does not come to an end. Workshop participants are all welcome to join a private Facebook group. This community allows you to continue your journey to become a better photographer with our instructors and fellow photographers. Post photographs, ask questions and share your stories!

Check out our schedule and sign up for a photography workshop today. We WILL help you become a better photographer!

Making you a better photographer